The Brain Camera

Code, Concept

To what extent is our self image distorted by our thoughts? And how might Machine Vision augment the way we see ourselves? We built an Electroencephalographic photo booth affectionately called 'The Brain Camera', and asked users to Keep Calm and Selfie.


Built using Processing and harnessing data from Neurosky’s Mindwave EEG headset, we wrote a program that altered the resolution of an incoming image according to electrical activity in the user’s brain, and asked volunteers to sit down in front of it... and stay calm.

The resolution of the user's projected portrait was affected by fluxes in their alpha brain wave activity. In layman's terms - the calmer the participant, the higher the definition of their self portrait (the better they looked).

We were interested in the visual of a narcissistic loop. Meditation was the aim... but if the reward was the participants own image, how successfully could peace of mind be maintained, and what would that look like over time?

We saved a frame each time the participant blinked (as detected by the headset), and the final portrait was compiled, after a predetermined number of blinks were registered, into a gif.

COLLABORATORS     Nick Bratton