Dixie Deadzone Diners

Experience Design/UX, Web

For more than 90 years, Dixie has been there to bring people together for mealtime. But today, people are finding it harder and harder to detach from their phones during meals.

So for Summer 2016, Dixie wanted to do something to help people connect again—it took mealtime to places where our phones don’t work at all: cellular dead zones.


The activation needed a digital presence. A simple landing page that would serve as a hub for information leading up to the event, and as a home for content after. Assets would range from online video, to recipes from our primary influencer - celebrity chef, Carla Hall. The site would also link to Buzz Feed content and allow users to share menus from each of the locations.



Although longer term work was being done to overhaul and redesign the entire site, the Deadzone Diner landing page needed to fit within the current information architecture. Sketches, and later wireframes explored a design that would serve the requirements of the site and optimize an infrastructure that had already been developed.

In order to present the information required and create an experience that didn't require huge re-development. Modules were designed for the key aspects of the site.



Modules are paginated and carousel automatically or on user click providing location specific information. Anchor tags were added as a shortcut for people who would engage passively with the activation, ie those who did not require information about the location, but might engage with other content like video or recipes.



The current framework was not overly accommodating when it came to mobile, and these issues can be seen on the site today. Problem module of note is the location module which was iterated upon in an attempt to solve both information clarity and responsiveness.


SITE     www.dixie.com/deadzonediners

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