Genius Genome

Code, Concept, Experience Design/UX, Product

CEO's and CMO's have all heard of cognitive technology, but few understand how it might be leveraged to benefit their business goals.

To demonstrate it's power, we wanted to provide a personalized experience.


Your personality, analyzed and compared to some of the greatest minds and talents in the world. The Genius Genome was an invitation to connect, that couldn't be refused.



IBM Watson's Personality Trait API can be used to infer personality characteristics, needs and values via linguistic analytics. For Genius Genome we parsed digital communications such as email, blogs, tweets and posts authored by our target CEO/CMO and ran them against our database of Genius'. Watson pulls only the top three geniuses based on the greatest frequency of closely matched trait percentages to compose the Genius Genome.



Given the complexity of data received, we needed to formalize a design that would render it in a way that was not only digestible by the user, but instantly relatable. Our challenge lay in finding the most effective design solution. Given that trait matches were determined by the closeness of the percentage, not by its size or dominance, the design iterated through graphic and non-linear representations, to scales that experimented with axis and color.



Unique URL's were issued to each target user, enabling them to unlock their Genius Genome on a mobile or desktop. Dynamic animations personalized the experience and were later printed as posters to accompany the digital.

Whilst at this stage, the Genius Genome exists as an 'in agency' tool, there is an expectation that it will scale up and soon be available to the public.



AGENCY     Havas NYC