Holiday that Sh*t

Experience Design/UX

Havas breaks holiday tradition using the Google Vision API to recognize a pic you snap (or upload) to create a customized holiday jingle to share.

Snap a photo of anything you like and the experience will identify the object and via speech synthesis read a customized holiday jingle rhyme about that object synced to a festive beat.

Combined with a randomly selected GIF layered on top of the image, it will turn your image into a 15 second personalized Holiday Card you can share across social channels.


'Greeting cards are for dinosaurs. So just snap a pic, I'll make it sic. Then post to your feed to spread that holiday need.'

Having received an email driving them to the mobile site, users would be asked to snap a pic (of anything) and allow our AI to do it's magic and 'Holiday that Sh*t'.

The user was able to preview the asset before either starting over or, approving and sharing to Facebook and Twitter.



There was a lot of discussion surrounding computation vs user input. Complexity (experiential and code) was increased when we considered giving the user choice. Options existed initially for the user to select both the jingle and GIF overlay. Via some testing, we discovered that there was more joy and surprise when elements of the final asset were selected programmatically.


The final asset would live on a unique URL that the user could share. For the tech-savvy, it would also be available as a .mov file to be downloaded and shared on other platforms.

The 'Holiday Card' mash-up itself was made possible by a number of technologies including Google Cloud Vision API, Mary TTS, CreateJS and FFmpeg.




We wanted to give Havas NY some ownership over the Holiday Card this year and invited staff to create and submit GIF's that would be used as an image overlay on the final asset. The overall design was a little brutal, discordant. Pulling from recognizable moments/events from 2017 like the eclipse, 'Stranger Things' phenomenon and the iPhoneX. We wanted things to clash. 


AGENCY     Havas NY & Havas Toronto